About us

In the recent review of the county libraries by Surrey County Council, Molesey Library was initially earmarked for transfer from county to community operation – in effect run by local volunteers. This decision was reversed in November 2011, but it did become clear that Molesey Library was relatively underused. Ensuring its long term future means that its services are as relevant and as widely publicised to Molesey residents as possible.

The Friends of Molesey Library officially came into being on January 31st 2012 at its inaugural Annual General Meeting which saw Molesey Library packed with around 70 people. James Moore was voted in as Chairman of the Friends at the meeting, with Pauline Morozgalska as vice chair, Russell Seekins as treasurer and Kate Fairbrother as secretary. Steve Bax, Felix Morozgalski and local councillors Nigel and Elizabeth Cooper and Vic Eldridge were appointed committee members.

What we do

The steering group meets on a monthly basis to agree on a series of future events and activities in support of the library. Presently these include school visits and reading groups, money-raising events and promotional activities.

The" Friends of Molesey library" is a community group committed to supporting Molesey library. We believe that our library is an essential centre of knowledge, learning and recreation for the community. Our aim is to help promote its use and improve its services, in order to ensure its long term future. A key role is to raise money in support of projects that contribute to this.

The Friends Committee

Committee members are elected each year at the Friends' annual general meeting in January. Our current officers are:

Chairman: Pauline Morozgalska
Email: pauline.morozgalska@gmail.com

Deputy Chair: Steve Bax
Email: MoleseySteve@gmail.com 

Treasurer: Elizabeth Cooper
Email: liz@thecooperfamily.org.uk

Events Organiser: John Coope
Email: johncoope@btopenworld.com

Publicity officer: Carol Parker
Email: pemberton29@btinternet.com

Committee Members
Mary Gill
Feliks Morozgalski
Nigel Cooper
Vic Eldridge